What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic condition that occurs when blood glucose levels remain above normal limits. This happens if the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot effectively use the insulin it produces.

Type 1 diabetes is due to deficient insulin production while Type 2 diabetes results from the body’s ineffective use of insulin.

Over 90% of individuals with diabetes around the world have Type 2 diabetes.

Singapore Is No Exception

Asia, The World's Epicentre for Type II Diabetes


In 2014, there are 440,000 Singaporeans and 997 million people in Southeast Asia (SEA) with diabetes.

The number of Diabetics is predicted to increase by 127% to 1 million people in Singapore and 2.2 billion people in Southeast Asia (SEA) by 2050.

How to Prevent and Maintain It?

Get Up, Get Moving!

Daily exercise routine of a minimum 30-45 minutes will significantly reduce the chances of Diabetes

Watch What You Eat!

A diet balanced with fruits and vegetables! Reduce intake of carbohydrates, sugar, fat, and processed foods

Reduce Alcohol Intake!

Too much alcohol may cause chronic inflammation of the pancreas

Stop Smoking!

Smoking significantly increase the risk of Diabetes and heart conditions

Maintain A Healthy BMI

Maintaining a healthy level of BMI to prevent type 2 diabetes

Monitoring Blood Glucose Level

By identifying and recording changes in your blood sugar levels, you’ll have more information about how food, exercise, stress, and other factors affect your diabetes

Relax, Keep Stress At Bay!

Do something you enjoy! Relax and unwind. Use relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, meditation

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